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Return To Freedom Action Alert

July 14, 2005

Several weeks ago we asked you to contact your U.S. Representatives
to urge them to support the Rahall-Whitfield Interior Appropriations Amendment to stop federal funding of the sale/slaughter of wild horses for fiscal year 2006. You spoke out in massive numbers and we won that vote by a landslide!

Unfortunately, the Amendment was not introduced in the Senate version of the Interior Appropriations bill. However, there is still a chance to hold onto the victory that we achieved in the House: The House and Senate will be meeting in Conference to hash out the differences between their bills and draft a final, unified version. We need you to contact Members of the Senate that are on the Conference Committee and ask them to keep the Rahall Whitfield amendment in the final version of the Interior Appropriations bill.

Here is the list of Senators on the Conference Committee:


Please take the time to call them today and ask others to call. Do not write or email - that takes too long to process and there is no time for that. Ask for a definitive reply quickly. You don't haveto live in these Senators' states, but people who do have more clout, as they are constituents.
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